Change we must. The way we see the land

GOT KULEANA! is an initiative to inspire the people of Hawai’i to:

  1. Register to vote

  2. Vote!

  3. Take back their responsibility (Kuleana) for the well-being of our natural resources

There is a growing movement across Hawai’i Nei. Tens of thousands of people are awakening to their RIGHT to unpolluted air, unpolluted water and unpolluted land. We now have the momentum to enact sweeping change to protect the ‘ĀINA. If you believe you have a right to unpolluted land, water and air, if you see the ‘ĀINA as sacred and life giving, and more than just a commodity, then you GOT KULEANA! It is our KULEANA (right & responsibility) to MALAMA (care for) the land, to honor our relationship to the land, to revolutionize the way we treat the land, so that we can again enjoy healthy forests, watersheds, soil, rivers and streams, fishponds, reefs and ocean, and in harmony with this, experience healthy bodies. We encourage you to share our video and the link to the voter information our website so that individuals, whom perhaps have never voted before, can do their part to MALAMA THE ‘ĀINA.

Mahalo (thank you) for visiting this site.

Got Kuleana! Was made possible by the following organizations and individuals:

Hawai’i Alliance for Progressive Action
Marlowe Holt Creative
Kai Markell

Keep Hawai'i beautiful

Photography by Kai Markell